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Handmade, all natural cold processed soaps, whipped hand & body soufflés, emulsified sugar scrubs, whipped body butters, bath salts, body mists, body oils, facial masks, facial toners, Men's Collection & more! Vegan friendly. Cruelty free!


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I have never felt so clean in all my 44 years! My first experience with this brand of natural soaps was today and boy was it an experience. I used the naked honey and activated charcoal for my face, ravishing riberries & sugared lemons for my body, and nothing but honey, oats and goats emulsified sugar scrub and whipped body soufflé to top it all off. It’s too early to determine my favorite but I will follow up later with another review soon. What I can tell you is that I will never go back to commercialized soaps ever again and I can promise you that you won’t either after you experience this. My only regret is that I did not discover this sooner. Signed forever customer

Ms. Jama White

I love my Bougie Bars. After using the activated charcoal bar, my blemishes are gone! I love how my skin feels after using Bougie Bars & Bubbles! Thank you Bougie Bars & Bubbles!

K. Wiggins

I have been a faithful Mary Kay customer for 20 years. After trying the charcoal and mint soap, I'm never going back. My skin is soft and moisturized. I am so pleased with the results that I am telling everyone I know. Thanks for making such a great products!!!

Anitra Clark

My boyfriend would only use Dr. Bronners to wash his beard. He said everything else he has tried left his beard feeling ”greasy” and they all had a overwhelming artificial fragrance. He loves the Bougie Beard wash! It gives him the clean feeling with just the right amount of moisture and the smell is wonderful! 

Mallory Kuesel

I am slightly obsessed with my skincare regimen. I have used the same products for over 15 years. I have heard so many good things about “activated charcoal” so I wanted to give it a try. OMG!! When I put the soap on my skin I felt the tingling, the lathering was amazing, and my skin upon rinsing felt refreshed. I am more than pleased with Bougie Bars & Bubbles!

Arvelia Elise Chambers

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