About Us

Bougie Bars & Bubbles was created by two sisters who love to pamper themselves. We love working with the different natural plant oils, butters, essential oils, and fragrances to develop a quality soap product to fit the needs of all mankind.  

With one of us being a licensed pharmacist, creating soap recipes to meet the needs of our clients are near and dear to us. The knowledge gained from that training provided her with a great understanding of the plant oils chosen to ensure the perfect bars, soufflés, and sugar scrubs were developed. 

Our Bougie' Bars (soaps) are handmade, in small batches, with all natural ingredients, and individually cut. We cure our COLD process soaps for 4-6 weeks to ensure our soaps are gentle and stable. Some of our soaps are vegan friendly.*  

Whipped Hand & Body Souffle' consists of a combination of all natural oils, and other natural ingredients, whipped to perfection, with added essential oils or fragrances to fit your body's needs.

Whipped Body Butter consists of a combination of all natural oils, whipped to perfection, with added essential oils or fragrances, as well, to fit your body's needs.

Emulsified Sugar Scrub provides you with the perfect mix of exfoliating, moisturizing and smoothing capabilities that will allow for the perfect Bougie experience.

Bougie Bath Salts are a combination of 2-3 sea salts and essential/fragrance oils that will make for a great relaxing, bath soak.

Bougie's Hand Sanitizer Spray is a gentle mist, safe for use on hands. Contains alcohol; therefore, use with caution if cut or wound on hands.

All products are friend tested and pharmacist approved!

*Bars are friend tested, not animal tested.